Welcome to the Wonderful World of Sudoku

A Japanese puzzle gone viral is the most colloquial answer you will get to the question ‘what is Sudoku.’ Indeed, starting from 2005, the popularity of this puzzle has increased tremendously among social circles and online forums where groups of friends are seen scratching their heads to solve the challenging game. Sudoku is played on a 9 by 9 grid that is further divided into 3 by 3 sub grids. Each of these grids has to be filled by a number from 1 to 9. However, the only rule and perhaps, the only catch, lies in filling each grid without repeating any number, neither in the rows nor in the columns. Read more about sudoku.

Play Sudoku

Play Sudoku and Train Your Brain Every Day

Sudoku is a mind thriller puzzle that can be played online or by downloading to your computer. More traditionally, millions of people have played Sudoku on paper since 1973, when a Swiss mathematician invented it. Because of its immense popularity, online versions of Sudoku have become viral all over the web, where clubs and social forums play the puzzle in pairs or groups. Read more about play sudoku.

What Is Sudoku

The History & the Future of Sudoku

Even if you have not had a chance to play Sudoku yet, surely you have heard about it from friends and family who rave about this challenging and addictive puzzle. Sudoku is a number based puzzle that requires you to fill out small 3 by 3 grids that are fitted into a larger 9 by 9 grid. You have the freedom to plug in any number from 1-9 as long as you follow one primary rule; no number is to be repeated even once, in any row or column of each square. Learn more about what is sudoku.

How To Sudoku

The Ultimate Guide on How to Play Sudoku Successfully

One of the most popular and challenging mind game around, Sudoku is a puzzle that is best solved with a strategy in mind. When you have finally decided to give it a shot, playing Sudoku is fairly simple, for the first few levels at least. The rest? Well, either luck or sheer hard work and logic can make you victorious. Read more about how to sudoku.

Puzzle Games

Discover the World of the Puzzle Games, Including Sudoku

Puzzle games are one of the oldest kinds of educational entertainment available for children. According to popular belief, the first puzzle was created in 1760 by John Spilsbury, an engraver who made a jigsaw puzzle of the world by cutting around the edges of every country. With such an educational start to the advent of puzzles, these games are probably the only ones to be credited as beneficial for making the mind open up to challenges and to think beyond its capacity. Read more about puzzle games.

Online Sudoku

Online Sudoku: Five Tips to Play Smarter

A game that started as a newspaper puzzle back in 2004 has today become one of the most played games on the internet, know as online sudoku. Some of the first newspapers to publish this puzzle were the Dell Magazine and the London Times, from then onwards the number of people interested in playing this mind game doubled and quadrupled all around the world. Read more about Online Sudoku.

Web Sudoku

Web Sudoku: Solve Your Sudoku on the Web with Mouse Clicks Instead of a Pencil

The most mind-bending game ever, Sudoku has made its way on the internet slowly but surely. Puzzles have been played on paper for a long time; however, hardly do you find a child or an adult playing a jigsaw puzzle online. Sudoku is one such game that has been introduced on online forums and special websites have been dedicated to solve this puzzle. Web Sudoku has hastened the demise of paperback Sudoku puzzle books from the market because the online versions can be accessed more easily. Read more about Web Sudoku.

Free Sudoku

Free Sudoku? Yes, Free Sudoku, As Many Puzzles As You Want

One look at a Sudoku website or online forum and you will realize how popular this numeric puzzle is. If you have never played Sudoku, you are missing some serious fun and the opportunity to put your reasoning skills to the test. Even though numeric puzzles are available in the form of books and publications in various daily newspapers, the charm of playing it online for free is just a different ball game altogether. Free Sudoku has raided the world of puzzles so rapidly that every child knows what the puzzle is all about and has tried it at least once. Read and find Free Sudoku.

Sudoku Print

Print Sudoku for Your Pleasure & To Help Train Your Brain

One of the most challenging and mind reeling puzzles of the 20th century is Sudoku, a numeric crossword that has taken the gaming world by storm. It is common to hear about Sudoku from friends and family who are absolutely addicted to this 9 by 9 grid that begs to be filled every time you decide to end the game for the day. Seemingly easy yet hard to master, Sudoku has been designed on one premise that poses a challenge to even the smartest minds alive! The premise is to plug in the numbers in the grid without repeating them in any row, column or square. Read more about Sudoku Print.

Sudoku Puzzle

Fun Facts about the Little Sudoku Puzzle

A combination crossword, Sudoku is a 9 by 9-grid puzzle that is the most mind-bending game you will find on the internet today. Comprising of nine sub grids within the primary grid, Sudoku puzzle comes in various sizes and themes, to make sure you stay hooked onto it! However, the underlying golden rule is the same: filling in the numbers without repetition. According to research on the origins of this puzzle, Sudoku dates back to the time of Leonhard Euler, a Swiss mathematician of the 18th century. Read more about Sudoku puzzle.

Daily Sudoku

Train Your Brain with a Daily Sudoku & Other Techniques: 6 Habits That Will Make You Work Smarter

The answer to this simple question is even simpler. It is an addiction, the kind that usually never wears off because every day thousands of new Sudoku puzzles are uploaded on websites that are ever more challenging and complex. It is hard to believe how every number puzzle on these websites has its own unique solution. Because of these wonders, a daily Sudoku puzzle has become a norm for many people who find it more alluring than any other game. Learn more about Daily Sudoku Puzzles.


Sudokus: Easy Sudoku, Medium Sudoku, Hard Sudoku – Which one is best for you?

Sudoku is a very interesting and challenging puzzle that was invented in 1793, on the concept of Latin Squares. Even though it has not been famous since the 18th century, today it is definitely the most played puzzle online and on paper. Sudoku is based on a 9 by 9 grid that has to be filled with digits from 1-9, randomly. The only catch that makes the game harder by the minute is that the numbers cannot be repeated even once in all the squares throughout the grid. Learn more about all the different Sudokus.

Sudoku For Kids

Sudoku for Kids: How to Get Your Kid to Love Playing Sudoku Games

When you hear about a numbers game called Sudoku, the first impression you have about it is that it would be an adult game. This impression is a widespread one because not only does the name sound rather eerie, the thought of math being the basic element of the puzzle is a big discouragement for children. However, here’s a myth buster. Sudoku has nothing to do with complex math calculations and numbers, nothing at all! Yes it is a number based puzzle but one that requires you to plug in random digits from a pile of numbers without repeating even one. Read on to learn more about Sudoku for kids.

Sudoku In Newspapers

Sudoku Newspapers: From the Times to USA Today – An Overview for Sudoku Fans

The tale of how Sudoku made its way into newspapers is an interesting one. Even though this amazing number puzzle had origins in the 18th century when the Father of Sudoku, Leonard Euler created it on the basis of the Latin Squares, it wasn’t until the 20th century that it was published anywhere in mainstream media. In 1979, the first Sudoku puzzle was published in New York in the Dell Magazine on the insistence of Howard Garns. Even at that time, the puzzle had no popularity as compared to today and it was merely seen as yet another game introduced in the entertainment section of newspapers. Find out more about Sudoku Newspapers.

Sudoku PDF

Be Smart and Take Your Sudoku PDF Puzzles with You When Traveling

One of the most thrilling games of the 21st century, Sudoku has taken the world by storm. Everywhere you go you will find people raving about the challenge that this game offers and the sweet sense of victory that they feel once the solution is figured out. Not only adults play Sudoku, it is a famous crossword puzzle among kids too, who like to feel they are smarter than their age when they plug in the digits perfectly into the 9 by 9 grid. Read more about Sudoku PDF puzzles.

Sudoku Solver

Sudoku Too Difficult to Solve? Try the Following Sudoku Solver Solutions

Sudoku is a number crossword puzzle that has become the talk of the town because of its addictive nature. At first sight, it is only a grid to be filled in with numbers but when one dwells further on the game, it becomes so challenging that it is impossible to put it aside without finding the solution. The mystery behind finding the solution to a Sudoku grid is to not repeat any numbers and plug them in to make the sum of each sub grid the same. Learn more about perfect Sudoku Solver for you.

Sudoku Strategy

The Best Sudoku Strategy: The 7 Secrets That Only You Should Know to Play Sudoku Like a Pro

The origins of Sudoku date back to the 18th century when Leonard Euler discovered a unique way to align numbers from 1-9 in a grid that measured 9×9 and had a total of 81 squares within it. The idea behind this game did not take off within the time of its creator; however, little did he know that the puzzle that he called the Number Palace was soon to be the number one mind game around! Read on, and discover the best Sudoku Strategy.

Sudoku 9x9

A Sudoku 9×9? Try the Most Difficult Sudoku 12×12 or Even a Sudoku 16×16

Even if you have never attempted to solve a Sudoku 9×9 puzzle, surely you have seen them online on websites and in the newspaper’s entertainment sections. Invented in 1793, Sudoku has gained so much popularity that it would not be uncommon to find people solving this puzzle even while commuting to and from work. Ever since the Rubik’s Cube, Sudoku is the only game to have become an addiction for puzzle lovers who feel an immense sense of pride when they move from easy to hard levels one by one. Read more about Sudoku 9×9.

Sudoku Books

Looking for Sudoku Books: Here Are the Best Sudoku Books for You!

Sudoku puzzles have become a sensation these days. From Sudoku books to online forums, all have been flooded with Sudoku puzzles so much that just one search on the web will instantly yield thousands of results. In 2004 when the Japanese company Nikoli made Sudoku the ‘in’ thing, it took puzzle lovers by surprise. Book after book was published with so many puzzles that people thought they would last a lifetime! Who knew the concept of Latin Squares could kick off so well and become one of the most played games in the history of puzzle making. Read more about Sudoku books here.