Train Your Brain with a Daily Sudoku & Other Techniques: 6 Habits That Will Make You Work Smarter

Daily Sudoku

What is Sudoku?

Daily SudokuThe answer to this simple question is even simpler. It is an addiction, the kind that usually never wears off because every day thousands of new Sudoku puzzles are uploaded on websites that are ever more challenging and complex. It is hard to believe how every number puzzle on these websites has its own unique solution. Because of these wonders, a daily Sudoku puzzle has become a norm for many people who find it more alluring than any other game.

A daily Sudoku game is just a click away. Accessing this crossword is absolutely simple and hassle free and can be done either online or on paper. Daily Sudoku puzzles are found in the entertainment section of most famous newspapers in every country. According to the 2006 edition of Psychology Today, Sudoku’s popularity and addiction are the same as the alphabetical crosswords, because both can make a person scratch his head to find the answer to the game.

Brain Workout with Daily Sudoku

The addiction to a daily Sudoku puzzle is perhaps the only positive kind of addiction that leads to a sharper mind. Brain workout, to be particular, is the result of playing Sudoku every day by challenging one’s mind to find the correct number from a pile of random digits. It is interesting to know that Sudoku was invented in 1973, yet its popularity soared in 2005 when it became known as a puzzle instead of a math problem.

A myth among the masses is that a person’s IQ level is God gifted and cannot be increased. However, research has revealed that the logic used behind solving a Sudoku puzzle not only advances one’s IQ level, it also takes the brain out of its routine spur so that it can indulge in fruitful activity, thus keeping it healthy with the passage of time and age.

6 Habits to Make Your Mind Smarter

Smart games like Sudoku aim to increase the activity of our brains, thus pushing us to work smarter. It is not an easy task to master numeric puzzles; however, if they are attempted with this motive in mind, the stakes of winning your daily Sudoku game are higher! You will find a lot of literature on how to sharpen your mind with reading, improving your diet and working on your sleep cycle. However, most of these writings overlook the importance of IQ based games because the connection between puzzles and high mental upkeep is not taken seriously by most of us.

Try out one of these six habits that will make you work smarter by keeping your mind alert at all times.

1. Engage in intellectual discussion

Engage in intellectual discussion. Such talk will make your mind apt to learning more and grasping newer ideas easily.

2. Maintain an active and happening lifestyle

Do not let your mind be bored with you. Usually, we let our minds go in their ’comfort and lazy’ zones, which decreases mental sharpness drastically.

3. Play memory games

Alphabetical crossword puzzles make your brain recall nouns and adjectives, which are very healthy for a functioning mind.

4. Make it a habit to write

Write anything you like, it does not have to be perfect or lengthy. It only has to be something that is conjured up by your mind so that it is put to work often.

5. Be observant

Observing and taking in situations and problems is the key to solving them. This is one of the most important rules of playing a mind game like Sudoku. One should first take time to think of which numbers have been used and which to use next.

6. Daily Sudoku

Finally yet importantly, playing a daily Sudoku puzzle can charge and stimulate your brain to take up any challenge during the day.