Free Sudoku? Yes, Free Sudoku, As Many Puzzles As You Want

Free Sudoku?

Playing free Sudoku

Free SudokuOne look at a Sudoku website or online forum and you will realize how popular this numeric puzzle is. If you have never played Sudoku, you are missing some serious fun and the opportunity to put your reasoning skills to the test. Even though numeric puzzles are available in the form of books and publications in various daily newspapers, the charm of playing it online for free is just a different ball game altogether. Free Sudoku has raided the world of puzzles so rapidly that every child knows what the puzzle is all about and has tried it at least once.

To play free Sudoku, one has to adopt a trial and error method to decide which number fits in each of the 81 small squares. If Sudoku was only available in the form of books, imagine running out of space to scribble while you think of the correct digit or finishing all the puzzles in a book and rushing to the bookstore to buy more! If this were the case, playing a fun-filled Sudoku puzzle would have become very cumbersome. Therefore, free Sudoku was made available online so that gamers and puzzle lovers can access as many puzzles as they want.

How to access Free Sudoku

There are a number of ways to play free Sudoku. Some puzzle websites offer to send you daily notifications to your email as soon as a new puzzle is uploaded. This way your love for Sudoku is rekindled every time a developer posts a new puzzle with a challenging and unique solution. Other websites let you download Sudoku puzzles on your laptop as an application on which you can keep solving various levels and record your scores to keep tabs on how well you are progressing.

Alternatively, you may even log onto a website that is specially designed to provide free Sudoku puzzles and play in real time with multiple players competing with you. This takes you to a completely new level of challenging yourself and learning a trick or two while you practice your skills at the game. Because these puzzles are just a few clicks away, finding free Sudoku is not a hassle at all. Plenty of freelance puzzle enthusiasts post hundreds of new games online every day, for Sudoku fanatics to kick start their day with a challenging numeric crossword.

Why play Sudoku?

Sudoku is a number based puzzle that challenges the mind to think logically. Reasoning and analytical abilities are seen to improve in people who play Sudoku regularly because their minds are forced to think deeply to find solutions.

Exactly like parents encourage toddlers to solve jigsaw puzzles to improve their recognition of colors, animals and shapes, playing Sudoku improves your ability to concentrate on a task. It makes the right connections and forces your brain to come out of its stupor of routine tasks into a realm of puzzles that are not just played for fun. Winning a game of Sudoku can provide the necessary motivation that one needs to keep playing higher levels and exercising their brain.