Online Sudoku: Five Tips to Play Smarter

Online Sudoku

Popularity of Online Sudoku

Online SudokuA game that started as a newspaper puzzle back in 2004 has today become one of the most played games on the internet, know as online sudoku. Some of the first newspapers to publish this puzzle were the Dell Magazine and the London Times, from then onwards the number of people interested in playing this mind game doubled and quadrupled all around the world.

To make Sudoku accessible and easy to play, it was quickly introduced on the web so gamers could play it free of cost. Online Sudoku has gained so much popularity that it has replaced the previously famous paper version completely. Not only that, a number of applications have been introduced for mobile phones and tablets so that users can enjoy online Sudoku on the go.

Online Sudoku also offers many more features than the paper version ever could. Multiplayer options and choosing between difficulty levels are the two most important aspects of online Sudoku that gamers adore.

Tips on playing online Sudoku

If you are a first timer, it is important that you do a background check on the rules to be followed to solve the puzzle instead of starting on an ad hoc basis. At first glance, the 9 by 9 grid looks just a scatter of random numbers and empty blocks waiting to be filled. However, you need to understand that these random numbers have been placed with a motive in mind – one that will force you to challenge your mind to the extreme. Following some basic tips can train you quickly to play Online Sudoku like a pro.

1. Have a clear mind

Exactly like solving an alphabet puzzle needs you to think clearly, online Sudoku demands a clear mind for you to be able to plug in numbers smartly. Filling the squares without repetition can seem like an impossible task if you are tired or worn out at the end of the day. Remember it is all about logic not knowledge or arithmetic!

2. Do not guess

Sudoku has nothing to do with guessing. It has become a habit for us to guess our way through puzzles; however, this approach yields no results in the case of online Sudoku. It is sheer logic that determines how far you complete this game in one go. Look for signs and cues and keep one trick in mind: the numbers that appear the least are the ones to be used first.

3. Fill in the simple squares first

Puzzle setters design Sudoku such that there is always a unique solution to each level and each game. Within each grid, some squares are always easier to guess. Be smart and fill those out first because this can be enough motivation to complete the game.

4. Use elimination

Once you have started filling the puzzle with numbers, elimination will be useful in the later stages. For instance, if the number 5 has been used many times, try to focus on the 3’s or 2’s.

5. Avoid distractions

Losing concentration in the middle of your game may mean you have to start all over again. Because you are keeping count of which numbers have been exhausted and which are not eliminated, focus is essential while playing online Sudoku.