Play Sudoku and Train Your Brain Every Day

Play Sudoku: Train Your Brain

Play Sudoku To Win

Play SudokuSudoku is a mind thriller puzzle that can be played online or by downloading to your computer. More traditionally, millions of people have played Sudoku on paper since 1973, when a Swiss mathematician invented it. Because of its immense popularity, online versions of Sudoku have become viral all over the web, where clubs and social forums play the puzzle in pairs or groups.

In a nutshell, before you set your mind to playing this rattling game, memorize one golden rule by heart! In all the squares of the 9 by 9 grid, plug in any number from 1-9 without repeating even one number both, column and row wise. Beware, Sudoku was made to challenge your mind and get you addicted to the small squares in the grid. However, this addiction is perhaps the only one in the world that yields positive results by putting your brain to the test and making it smarter.

Brain Work Out With Sudoku

The biggest evidence supporting Sudoku’s role as a mind challenger is its presence in the classroom. There are a number of benefits of playing Sudoku because it acts as an activator of the mind by taking it out of its comfort zone. If believing that is hard for you, play Sudoku online and see for yourself.

• Exercising the brain:

Many times, teachers have been seen giving their students Sudoku puzzles in their free time. This is done to exercise their brains and make them think more than their capacity. Improved concentration and better reasoning abilities are the most important skills developed in children and adults from increased exposure to number puzzles. Playing Sudoku with your children at home also increases healthy competition and makes them put their brains to better use.

 • Fostering logical skills:

Playing Sudoku is all about logic. The only rule is dealing with numbers that have to be placed logically, to fulfill the purpose of the game, which is no repetition. Logical skills are very important in an individual. Today, most office and college recruitment tests have a separate IQ section, which can only be excelled at when one has a high IQ. Sudoku can help you foster your IQ level that is very important in practical life, so much so that the course structures for many Logic courses solely revolve around playing Sudoku.

Important Points to Remember When You Play Sudoku

For most of us, playing Sudoku at the initial levels will be a matter of coincidence and luck. Experienced players however, believe in having a strategy in place before they start playing. The level of complexity in this puzzle can practically scare you. However, avoid taking a big leap to harder levels and start from the easiest ones, even if they seem like a piece of cake, because once your mind understands the rules and ‘moves’ of Sudoku, completing complex levels becomes easy.

With a two-player game of Sudoku, this strategy is more important because you have to make sure you finish the alignment of numbers before your opponent does.