Printable Sudoku Puzzles

Our 4 first Sudoku editions are out! Here you will find printable sudoku puzzles with the levels: Very Easy, Medium, Hard and Very Hard. Enjoy!

Sudoku Print

Print Sudoku for Your Pleasure & To Help Train Your Brain

One of the most challenging and mind reeling puzzles of the 20th century is Sudoku, a numeric crossword that has taken the gaming world by storm. It is common to hear about Sudoku from friends and family who are absolutely addicted to this 9 by 9 grid that begs to be filled every time you decide to end the game for the day. Seemingly easy yet hard to master, Sudoku has been designed on one premise that poses a challenge to even the smartest minds alive! The premise is to plug in the numbers in the grid without repeating them in any row, column or square. Read more about Sudoku Print.