Sudoku for Kids: How to Get Your Kid to Love Playing Sudoku Games: 4 Ways

Sudoku for Kids

Sudoku for kids: Quick Introduction

Sudoku For KidsWhen you hear about a numbers game called Sudoku, the first impression you have about it is that it would be an adult game. This impression is a widespread one because not only does the name sound rather eerie, the thought of math being the basic element of the puzzle is a big discouragement for children. However, here’s a myth buster. Sudoku has nothing to do with complex math calculations and numbers, nothing at all! Yes it is a number based puzzle but one that requires you to plug in random digits from a pile of numbers without repeating even one.

To make this game popular with kids, Sudoku for kids was designed, keeping in mind that young brains need some sense of achievement so that they feel confident and victorious. Sudoku for kids starts at very easy levels with colorful themes and squares that make it very appealing for children and youngsters. Today, not only has Sudoku gained momentum among adult puzzle lovers, it has become one of the most played games amongst children too. Websites that are solely designed to provide Sudoku for kids are easily accessible online so that you can make sure your child gets a daily dose of Sudoku.

Benefits of Sudoku for kids

Sudoku for kids offers a fun filled way to improve their logic and reasoning skills. From the age of six, these puzzles can prove to be an asset if you can make your child love solving one every day. Think of it as a daily dose of vitamins to the brain! Research has proven that the logical aspect of Sudoku helps a child’s brain think and focus deeply, thus making it better at retaining knowledge and information because with improved reasoning abilities come higher IQ levels and intellectual abilities.

4 Ways to make Sudoku for kids popular

It can be a hard to make children love puzzles and games that are beneficial for them when distractions such as cartoons are lurking nearby. However, the benefits highlighted above will make your efforts worthwhile. Adopt one of the following strategies to entice your children into start loving Sudoku for kids.

1. Solve the puzzle with them

If you sit down with your child and solve Sudoku puzzles, they will think of it as spending quality time together instead of work.

2. Make it part of playtime instead of work time

Your ultimate goal is to inculcate this habit in their lifestyles. If they see Sudoku as a fun activity that has nothing to do with homework, chances are they will love it more and ask for it every day.

3. Let them make their own puzzle book

Let them make their own puzzle book, out of all the printable Sudoku for kids, when they have solved enough Sudoku games. These small incentives will go a long way in helping children become accustomed to this healthy habit.

4. Keep some puzzles handy

Keep some puzzles handy when you are travelling or while waiting for your turn at the dentist. Kids would kill to have some activity to kill time.

Sudoku is not only a time-killer puzzle; this game increases brain power. It helps your child increase his focus and concentrate while he figures out the solution to the puzzle. Therefore, make sure your child takes an interest in such a healthy activity earlier on in life so that healthy habits are fostered. Moreover, to help you with this difficult task, Sudoku for kids is just a click away.