Sudoku in Newspapers: From the Times to USA Today – An Overview for Sudoku Fans

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Sudoku in newspapers: From nothing to something big

Sudoku In NewspapersThe tale of how Sudoku made its way into newspapers is an interesting one. Even though this amazing number puzzle had origins in the 18th century when the Father of Sudoku, Leonard Euler created it on the basis of the Latin Squares, it wasn’t until the 20th century that it was published anywhere in mainstream media. In 1979, the first Sudoku puzzle was published in New York in the Dell Magazine on the insistence of Howard Garns. Even at that time, the puzzle had no popularity as compared to today and it was merely seen as yet another game introduced in the entertainment section of newspapers.

What changed the fate of this 9 by 9 grid is a mystery. However, in 2004, the London Times published a Sudoku puzzle that gained immense popularity after being solved by puzzle lovers. From that day onwards, Sudoku has been published in famous newspapers such as The Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph.

Where can you find Sudoku in Newspapers?

The unwavering fame gained by Sudoku has guaranteed a place for this puzzle in all leading newspapers of the world. The exact number of puzzle lovers who solve Sudoku is unknown because every minute, someone, somewhere is solving a Sudoku in newspapers across the globe! Not only are these available in the form of print, that is, in the daily paper that you buy, daily Sudokus are available online from the websites of these newspapers.

What started as merely a game in the London Times has become a top seller for every newspaper that publishes the Sudoku game today, from the Times to USA Today! According to most critics, the presence of the puzzle is at times the only reason why one buys certain newspapers! Following is a list of some of the leading newspapers that have Sudoku in print and online.

USA Today

The Guardian

Times London

Daily Mail

The Seattle Times

Los Angeles Times

The Hindu Business Line

Daily Telegraph

Boston Herald

New Zealand Herald

Die Zeit

When you visit the online Games & Entertainment sections of these famous newspapers belonging to various countries and states, daily Sudoku games that have been published the past week or even the past month can be seen. With a printable option, the puzzle can be printed and stored for solving later if you missed it at work last week and were itching to add yet another feather of victory to your cap!

A daily Sudoku puzzle, with a medium level complexity, is published in such top newspapers. They are available in the games or entertainment section of the newspapers, which is perhaps the first stop for most newspaper readers nowadays! This puzzle can be printed from the newspapers website easily. For instance, if you play Sudoku on the Seattle Times’ website, your puzzle history and scores are readily available to track your progress and keep a record of the levels played. This Sudoku journey has been long and hard, however one that justifies the intense craze that puzzle lovers have for it.