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Sudoku PrintOne of the most challenging and mind reeling puzzles of the 20th century is Sudoku, a numeric crossword that has taken the gaming world by storm. It is common to hear about Sudoku from friends and family who are absolutely addicted to this 9 by 9 grid that begs to be filled every time you decide to end the game for the day. Seemingly easy yet hard to master, Sudoku has been designed on one premise that poses a challenge to even the smartest minds alive! The premise is to plug in the numbers in the grid without repeating them in any row, column or square.

Sudoku Print, the Easiest Way to Play Sudoku

Even though there are a number of ways to play Sudoku, the free printable version is the most convenient one, provided you have access to a printer. At first, this puzzle was only available in newspaper inserts and entertainment sections back in 1979. However, as the popularity of Sudoku increased, special books were printed that had thousands of puzzles of all difficulty levels from extra-easy to extra-difficult.

Sudoku was made available online by freelance developers and puzzle making companies, so that people could enjoy the game without worrying about carrying puzzle books to work. Websites and gaming zones became popular virtual communities where people solved the Sudoku in individual and multi-player games. To provide more options of playing this wonder game and then storing the scores, websites made available printable puzzles. Sudoku Print is the same puzzle that you play online on websites or by downloading to your PC, just with the added feature of first printing then filling in the crossword.

Websites that provide printable Sudoku, give options of the number of puzzles you want to print on a page, the level of difficulty you want and the format for printing. If you are comfortable solving Sudoku in pencil instead of online, printable Sudoku is the best option for you.

Benefits of Playing Printable Sudoku

If you find your child immersed in a sheet of paper, solving Sudoku puzzles all day long, there is nothing to worry about! Sudoku has been proven to increase the positive activity of the mind by making it think beyond its capacity. It uses logical and reasoning skills, which are essential for improving IQ levels. Think of a daily dose of Sudoku as a workout regime for your brain that is forced to become apt at solving IQ related problems. IQ is one of the very important aspects considered when one applies for job and college applications; therefore, its significance cannot be overlooked.

Exercising the brain with number crosswords is a great way to inculcate some healthy mental activities in your child’s daily routine. If you are in doubt of the efficacy of this puzzle, Print Sudoku puzzles today to try them out yourself! Not only this, one look around will surprise you at how this game is played on mobile phones and tablets by people when they commute from home to work and the way back.