Welcome to the Wonderful World of Sudoku


Sudoku – The Game

SudokuA Japanese puzzle gone viral is the most colloquial answer you will get to the question ‘what is Sudoku.’ Indeed, starting from 2005, the popularity of this puzzle has increased tremendously among social circles and online forums where groups of friends are seen scratching their heads to solve the challenging game. Sudoku is played on a 9 by 9 grid that is further divided into 3 by 3 sub grids. Each of these grids has to be filled by a number from 1 to 9. However, the only rule and perhaps, the only catch, lies in filling each grid without repeating any number, neither in the rows nor in the columns.

Hearing this explanation, you would probably think to yourself, ‘how hard can it be to fill 9 grids uniquely with 9 numbers?’ Stop and think again! The key to solving this number puzzle is logic not any kind of knowledge or information. Therefore, what makes you perfect at it is sheer logic and mindfulness. Even if the initial levels did not give you a tough time, the higher ones definitely will. Sudoku has the power to reel your mind and make you bite your lip, for the thrill and challenge it offers is definitely unparalleled to any other puzzle.

Addictive Nature of Sudoku

This amazing mind game has developed a cult-like following. Adults and children alike have grown to love Sudoku so much that not only do they play it in their free time; it is one of the most sought after games for passing time on the go. Mind challenges and tricks of this game make it impossible for you to put it aside even for a minute! When you think of it, there are countless ways in which 9 grids can be filled. However, there is only one perfect solution to be found from a pile of digits.

World Puzzle Federation SudokuBecause the game is so addictive, the World Puzzle Federation has ranked Sudoku as the number 1 logic puzzle of the world. Clubs and competitions have been introduced to sustain the momentum that this puzzle has gathered and to turn it into a win or lose contest instead of just a fun game. Because it is recognized as a proper game, worthy of being recorded and rewarded, the first Sudoku competition was held in Italy in 2006 and teams from over 20 countries participated.

The feeling of victory after solving a challenging Sudoku puzzle is euphoric. So much so that the urge to play ‘just one more’ level of this cunning game is so strong that an addiction is the only consequence.

With the word of Steve Jobs, as quoted in the Steve Jobs book: “I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long. Just figure out what’s next.”

More than Just a Puzzle

Where most games become a liability for parents when children play them too often, Sudoku is known to make you smarter. Completing the game requires logical thinking, which makes your mind exert more to think beyond its capacity. Experts reveal that Sudoku is known to reduce levels of stress and blood pressure because it acts as a mind reliever once the puzzle is solved. Therefore, this mischievous game works wonders for you in so many ways.