Sudokus: Easy Sudoku, Medium Sudoku, Hard Sudoku – Which one is best for you?

A Lot Of Sudokus

Two thumbs up for your addiction to Sudokus

SudokusThe Sudoku (Sudokus or Sudoku puzzle)  is a very interesting and challenging puzzle that was invented in 1793, on the concept of Latin Squares. Even though it has not been famous since the 18th century, today it is definitely the most played puzzle online and on paper. Sudoku is based on a 9 by 9 grid that has to be filled with digits from 1-9, randomly. The only catch that makes the game harder by the minute is that the numbers cannot be repeated even once in all the squares throughout the grid.

Now you may be thinking to yourself that this game is not for you because you are not good with math. However, it is a delight to know that Sudokus do not involve any math, whatsoever! Even though the puzzle is based on the concept of Latin Squares, while you solve it, all you have to use is basic logic and common sense. Reasoning ability is the key to play this game instead of cumbersome calculations. So do not let your first impression of Sudoku discourage you from trying it out.

Playing Sudokus may well become a thrilling addiction. Once you have tried out this amazing puzzle, the urge to play just one more will be too overwhelming. However, there is absolutely nothing to worry about because Sudoku is proven to increase brain activity. It does so by challenging it and making it think for solutions that seem farfetched.

Levels of Sudokus

To accommodate players of all ages, Sudokus come in various levels that are made keeping in mind the amount of time and energy one wants to spend on the puzzle. Each level has the same rule of thumb, which is no repetition, but allows for varying difficulty in the puzzle so that even children can enjoy this game. The most commonly found levels are:






As mentioned, the essentials of the game remain the same but each level has more to offer for the solver than the previous in terms of challenge and thrill. Because of the immense surge in popularity of Sudokus, these levels were created so that the puzzle has a sustained significance and people keep coming back to it after they are through with one level.

Which Sudoku level to play

The choice of which level to play should never be ad hoc, especially in a puzzle such as Sudoku. The much-needed encouragement for winning is necessary so the first level should be your starting point. Equip yourself with the rules and start from the easiest level so that you can test your waters. The key to mastering this game is practice, the more you familiarize yourself with the easy levels, the better apt you will be at solving the later stages. Beyond the ‘medium’ level, you can safely call yourself a Sudoku addict.


The various levels of the game speak for the popularity that Sudoku has gained over time. Even the smartest minds alive find the Evil and the Extreme levels to be so challenging and thrilling that leaving the game aside even for a minute is impossible. Rest assured, once you start a Sudoku puzzle, you will find yourself at the hard level in no time and that is where all the evil fun begins.