Web Sudoku: Solve Your Sudoku on the Web with Mouse Clicks Instead of a Pencil

Web Sudoku

How to play Web Sudoku

Web SudokuThe most mind-bending game ever, Sudoku has made its way on the internet slowly but surely. Puzzles have been played on paper for a long time; however, hardly do you find a child or an adult playing a jigsaw puzzle online. Sudoku is one such game that has been introduced on online forums and special websites have been dedicated to solve this puzzle. Web Sudoku has hastened the demise of paperback Sudoku puzzle books from the market because the online versions can be accessed more easily.

Playing web Sudoku is essentially the same as the puzzle you have always solved in the newspapers because the basic rules are the same. When the 9 by 9 grid appears on screen, all you have to do is click on the empty square and then click on the number you want to plug in. Alternatively, some applications let you tap on the numbers and squares or even let you use the keyword to plug in the digits yourself.

However, the added feature of playing it online has become very convenient for gamers because almost everyone has access to the internet so playing Sudoku online is not an added exercise. It has become part of an individual’s daily routine, even during working hours because it is just so positively addictive!

Advantages of Web Sudoku over Paper Sudoku

The biggest advantage of web Sudoku is that it is free. There is no price tag attached to the puzzle when you solve it online. Moreover, web Sudoku is easily accessible. Handling and carrying puzzle books or newspaper inserts to work is too much of a hassle. Therefore, web Sudoku has filled a very attractive niche by making the game available online where it can be accessed from virtually anywhere in the world. Most websites offer features such as scoreboards so that you can keep checking the records you have set or broken, including the number of plus points you gained in a game.

Bored of excelling at Sudoku all the time? Try playing web Sudoku with the multi-player options! The multiplayer game is much more challenging and thrilling for expert players who want to reach the next level. Web Sudoku also offers alternative puzzles to be played together with the original version, just to provide some variety and choice. In the same breath, one can also change the layout and themes of their puzzles to make them more interesting.

How to access web Sudoku?

Web Sudoku can be played in a number of ways. Either you can join online communities and fan clubs to solve the puzzle online or you can even download various versions of the Sudoku software on your PC to keep playing it whenever you take a break from work. Because of its immense popularity, Sudoku applications have also been created that work on mobile phones and tablets so that users can get some ‘educational’ fun on the go.